About Elvis Elvisberg

I am about 30 years old. I consider myself a centrist liberal. This blog is intended to be a reality-based view of politics and anything else that seems to merit commenting.  My email is eelvisberg at yahoo.


6 Responses to “About Elvis Elvisberg”

  1. Donna Williams Says:

    I linked to this blog from a commenter at Swampland today. Nice blog. I guess I must be centrist, because I agree with you almost across the board. I do agree with your assessment of the Guiliani candidacy. From where I reside in a solid solid red state, I do think that Mike Huckabee is the sleeper Republican candidate. There was a diary at Daily Kos back on February 1 by BrooklynRaider in which he reported on the aspiring Republican candidates as they spoke at a Conservative gathering in DC that the author attended in disguise, if you will. He thought Huckabee was the strongest candidate who spoke at the gathering. Telling quote: “Conservatism thrives not by the strength of its ideas, but by the strength of its storytelling.” By that measure, the author thought that Huckabee was the most dangerous candidate for Democrats to face. I saved that diary. By the way, he was not impressed by Romney.

  2. elviselvisberg Says:

    Thanks for checking out the blog and for the kind words, Donna.

    I completely agree about Huckabee.

    I’ve been predicting Obama-Huckabee (against each other, I mean, not Unity ’08) for a while. Huckabee is a genuinely likable candidate.

    Just checked out that BrooklynRaider diary you recommended– no big surprise that Romney went over like a lead Zeppelin. There’s nothing in his background to suggest that he has any kind of ability to galvanize people to do anything.

    Jon Stewart asked Sen. McCain last week, “Is Romney human?” McCain said, “I’ll leave that one to…” “Scientists?,” Stewart interjected. That’s about right.

  3. Ivy B Says:

    I also linked through from Swampland when someone commented about your new blog format. Looks good.

    Have seen your comments on Swampland for a long time and in various other places. Generally agree with you and your perspective is always interesting. (Although I disagree about Huckabee – I think once his tax plan gets a complete airing he will sink faster than Steve Forbes!)

    I just read through most of your August posts. Will be coming back to check out your blog more often.

    Best wishes.

  4. Onion Volcano Says:

    I found your page through a Technorati link at the Washington Post.

    Why aren’t there more blogs like yours? Your posts are full of facts, not arm-waving hysteria. Thank you; I’ll keep reading if you keep posting.

  5. elviselvisberg Says:

    Thanks a lot, OV, for reading and for the compliment. Hope to see your comments around here.

    And hopefully my suggesting that Alan Greenspan consider committing hara-kari counts as wit and not “arm-waving hysteria.”

  6. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

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