Let Them All Talk

Carpetbagger notes the McCain camp’s proposal of a series of debates.

I hope it happens.  Anything that forces discussion of issues, and backs us away from the brain-off, balls-out style of political discourse that the Lee Atwater/Newt Gingrich/Karl Rove GOP has favored is good for America.

I’d love to see a variety of formats— town hall with audience, no audience, no moderators, etc.  It will be harder for McCain to say silly things like that Gen. William Odom wanted to “surrender” in Iraq, and that our problem with health care is that there isn’t enough “choice.”  Obama doesn’t tolerate that sort of nonsense.

Obama knows more, speaks better, and has more popular positions than McCain.  I think it would go well.  And it would be great to think that people cast their votes because they prefer one candidate over the other for substantive reasons, rather than because Obama is too Muslimy.

Benen writes that “There’s a reason the McCain campaign is pushing the idea, and it’s not their love of spirited discourse.”  But I think that McCain actually might just like spirited discourse.  Back in 2000, he proposed doing a US version of questions for the Prime Minister.  He thinks of himself as a modern day Teddy Roosevelt.  Maybe he’s sincere in proposing this.  Regardless, I think it would work to Obama’s benefit.


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