Fair Game

Here’s an effort by a Republican columnist to provide some sort of intellectual justification for the usual GOP savagery, charmingly entitled “Michelle Obama is fair game.”  (Hmm, “fair game,” when have we heard a woman targeted in those terms before?)  We’ve already seen the GOP run an ad attacking Mrs. Obama in Tennessee.

You’d think that they might think better of this.

Cindy McCain, after all, had an affair with John McCain when he was still married to his first wife, stole drugs from the charity she ran in order to feed her habit, and, despite bankrolling his early political career with her inherited wealth, refuses to release anything more than a brief summary of her tax returns.

Do they really want to do this?

These are Republicans we’re talking about here, so obviously no moral argument will convince them to refrain from targeting a candidate’s spouse.  Maybe, though, they can realize that these rules they’re setting up are not in their self interest.


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