Bombs, Bombs, Bombs, Bombs from Iran

Oh, good, an anonymously sourced article by Michael Gordon relating alarmist government claims that evil foreigners are nefariously coming to get us. What could possibly go wrong?

A grown-up wrote this more balanced article on a related story for the LA Times:

Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s spokesman backed away Sunday from Iraqi officials’ accusations of Iranian interference, saying that a committee had been formed to determine whether there is merit to U.S. charges that its eastern neighbor is arming and training Shiite Muslim militants here.

But hours later, spokesman Ali Dabbagh told journalists that his comments at a news conference had been misinterpreted. In a telephone call with Reuters news agency, he said proof existed and the committee’s job was to compile the evidence to submit to Iran.

UPDATEGlenn Greenwald says more or less the same thing as me, but with a lot more words.  And evidence and context and the like.


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