Bush Derangement Syndrome Breaks Out Among Reaganites

Did anyone notice Bruce Fein’s op-ed in the Washington Times today?  It’s as stark an indictment of the Bush administration’s approach to the law as anything I’ve seen in the mainstream media.  It’s chock full of quotes from framers of the Constitution and revered jurists throughout US history.

He’s not happy:

President Bush’s signature constitutional idea is that he is the law. The idea is taking hold in a climate of post-Sept. 11, 2001, fear. Under the banner of fighting international terrorism, Mr. Bush claims unchecked powers historically associated with despots: torture; kidnappings; secret imprisonments; indefinite detentions of suspected unlawful enemy combatants; violations of the Constitution and laws with impunity; and, the authority to employ the military at any time and place of his choosing. On the domestic front, Mr. Bush disputes the power of Congress to oversee the executive branch for lawlessness, abuses, or maladministration. He signs laws while asserting a right to disobey those provisions he pronounces to be unconstitutional.

With few exceptions, Congress, the media, and the public have slumbered as the Republic has been dismantled brick-by-brick. A restoration is possible, but only through an aroused and enlightened citizenry. There are no quick fixes.

In sum, the president has proclaimed the White House an uncrowned kingship. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has assured him impeachment is off the table. And Congress and the American people remain preoccupied with earmarks, steroids in athletics, and “American Idol.”

Fein, of course, was a higher up in the Reagan era DOJ.  It’s encouraging to see a genuine conservative– that is, one who is skeptical about excessive government power– speak out about the practices of the Bush administration.  Bush retains a 61 percent approval rating among Republicans, though, because conservatism as a political philosophy is dead in this country.


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