Exile from Sam’s Club

I got a little obnoxious over at Ross’s place, and gave myself a time-out.  I’ve gotten frustrated over there because he refuses to offer substantive views on anything.  To me, a big part of the fun of the Internet is reading the thoughts of people who look at the world in an entirely different way than you do.  That’s why Daniel Larison is one of my favorite bloggers.

Ross bills himself as a social conservative, but he writes exclusively about meta political issues and pop culture in his 2 or 3 posts a day at the Atlantic.  It’s disappointing.

Really, as an instinctive centrist Democrat, I suppose I must have believed 5 years ago that conservatives might actually be right about everything.  Not about blatantly obvious factual matters like the impact of tax cuts, but at least about national security, and maybe more.  I think that, growing up in the 1990s, I absorbed that as the implicit message of the Clinton administration, at least from about 1995.  When Bush was elected, I thought, “well, the silver lining is that they’ll restructure the military so that the Guard and Reserves never get tapped again like they have been in the Clinton administration.”

So, I was almost as wrong about everything as conservatives were.  (I supported the Iraq invasion, too, and thought that liberals who opposed it had lost sight of the good things that America can do).

Ross’s implicit concession that everything he thinks is intellectually unjustifiable is yet another rebuke to me.  Lesson learned: movement conservatives are a tribalist group, who believe in nothing that can be justified by rational argumentation.


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