Deep Thoughts

Because we will never be perfect, we always need liberals and conservatives— liberals to identify and address the flaws in our society, and conservatives to warn against drastic change with negative unanticipated consequences.

But in the US today, the supposedly conservative party supports an indefinite jihad for democracy, or something, and the suspension of inconvenient aspects of the rule of law.   The supposedly liberal party mostly agrees, but meekly, after a certain amount of hand-wringing.


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2 Responses to “Deep Thoughts”

  1. MG Says:

    Unfortunately, what passes for “conservatives” in our society is a flaw that needs addressing. But it can only be addressed from within the conservative movement, as liberals are the enemy, and exist only to foul things up. It’s very nearly a self-feedback loop, which are really hard to interrupt. A thrashing at the polls in ’06 (an external stimulus) seems hardly to have been felt — they’re just as arrogant and combative as ever.

  2. Elvis Elvisberg Says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting, MG.

    And dead-on— they evaluate opinions based on the political correctness of the person who advances them. And they’re in the thrall of a crazy base that doesn’t care about their losses in 2006. They have further to fall, unfortunately.

    I’ve heard of a National Review writer, whose name you probably know, responding to Josh Marshall’s evisceration of an anti-Democratic AP story by saying, “I don’t see why I should trust Marshall more than the AP.” Using our brains to evaluate the merits of what they’re each saying certainly isn’t a possibility!

    That AP writer has since moved on to the Washington Times.

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