Pace Andrew Sullivan, the consensus of Washington journalists is hardly an immutable, always-accurate accounting of what’s going to happen in the world.

There are also very powerful strategic, economic and moral arguments for getting out as fast as we can. But what troubles me is that these arguments are not really relevant. The Washington elites have already decided. It’s unthinkable for the US to leave Iraq at any point in the foreseeable future. This, as Greenwald would say, is the Serious Position. You can challenge it in the campaign or on the blogs, but no one actually believes anyone will actually do this. They’re humoring us.

Hillary Clinton was the certain nominee, then Obama was.  McCain was dead, until he wasn’t.  Things change.  Consensuses change.

Shouldn’t it matter that a candidate says, and sixty-plus percent of Americans agree, that we should draw down our occupation?

(Post title is from this infographic).


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