First Runner Up

I’ve often gotten frustrated with the Clinton campaign, but Gail Collins gets it right this morning:

If Hillary is stumbling, it may be because there just isn’t any good path to take. Nobody wants a bloodbath, and fighting against the first possible African-American president can be as tricky as going after the first possible woman. Still, she might have been able to handle all that, and the fact that he is a product of Kansas and Hawaii and Kenya, of Christians and Muslims, of a single mom on food stamps and Harvard Law, if he didn’t also turn out to have the best learning curve in political history.

It was unwise to fail to plan beyond February 5, as was the unfortunate series of belittling comments about Obama from campaign surrogates.  But even Obama hasn’t run a completely flawless campaign, with his Social Security and health care rhetoric.  He just happens to have really taken off.  That, more than anything else, is his opponent’s downfall.


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