In the Thrall of an Extreme Base

That, of course, has been the Conventional Wisdom about the Democratic Party for the past infinity or so. It makes no sense, really, given that the Democratic platform is in line or to the right of the public on most issues.

As the wheels continue to come off, though, I think we’re going to see the birth of a new Conventional Wisdom about the GOP. With John McCain rushing to embrace certifiably insane far-right leaders like John Hagee, I just don’t see how the media can ignore the huge influence that crazy people have within that party.

UPDATE: I had overlooked the fact that Hagee is insane enough to draw the ire of the partisan GOP outfit that operates under the name Catholic League. I thought that it would have to be people from outside who made the point that McCain is lying down with the dogs, but internecine GOP warfare can get the job done too.


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