Iraq? Solved. The Economy? Fixed. Now, Which Parties Did Roger Clemens Attend in the Late 1990s?

If this report is true, then it appears that Roger Clemens was lying under oath to Congress.  That would be something for Hall of Fame voters to bear in mind.

But why should it be something for Congress to investigate?

The Barry Bonds indictment is probably a misallocation of resources, too, but at least it came in the context of an investigation of BALCO.  The fact that Congress is going out of its way to grill Roger Clemens, and Roger Clemens alone, is darn strange.

And I say this as a Red Sox fan who has long believed that Clemens may have been using some banned substances.  His career trajectory was, well, Bondsian.  And just about no one else who’s played baseball in the last century-plus has gotten way, way better at age 38.  So I’m pleased to see him get his come-uppance, if that’s what’s deservedly happening here.  But really, why is this worth hearings in Congress?  How come Roger Clemens’s claims are subject to more scrutiny than Mike McConnell’s?


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