Hasta la Victoria Siempre

According to John O’Sullivan, Barack Obama is apparently part of some sort of movement to eradicate America, or something.

“The first task for a serious conservatism is to de-mystify the unaccountable bureaucracies that are not only our enemies but also the enemies of the nation-state, religion, small independent businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, families and married people, and patriotic and self-reliant citizens,” he writes.

I have to admit, that’s an unusual step for a conservative writer.

Usually, Step 1 is to identify which ethnicities and beliefs mark people as “the other,” rather than which citizens count as patriotic.
I’m unable to read the full article, as it’s behind the NRO firewall, but that’s OK– he’s on my enemies list anyway, so by definition he can’t have anything worthwhile to say.


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