Objectively Pro-Republican

Andrew Sullivan learned from his support of the Iraq war that bluster, ignorance, and exaggeration are not the proper tools to use to evaluate proposed invasions of Middle Eastern countries.

As far as candidates for president go, however, they’re still his tools of choice.

Upon hearing that  someone from the Hillary Clinton campaign evidently asked someone to ask a question about a particular topic, Sullivan concludes that Clinton = Bush.

Asking someone to ask a question on a certain topic is very different from requiring loyalty oaths from anyone who wants to even attend an event, or using the official power of the government to chase out anyone with differing views.

But hey, why bother with facts and reason, when there’s sweet, sweet hatred to be nursed.

Here’s more evidence of Hillary’s shrewd, ruthless ambition— she’s quietly reaching out to old rivals!  Will she stop at nothing?


One Response to “Objectively Pro-Republican”

  1. youre an idiot Says:

    you’re an idiot. take the one click i gave your pathetic website and stick it up your ass.

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