Get Back to Me after You’re Done Beating Your Wife, Ross

Ross Douthat, as always lapsing into snark in lieu of making an argument as to why his views on religion and abortion make any sense, argues that liberals were wrong not to engage the substance of Ramesh Ponnuru’s book, “Why Democrats Like Murder.”

Of course, when you make your book title an insult, you minimize the likelihood that you will be treated as an honest interlocutor.

But beyond that, I’m damn sick of conservatives and Republicans insisting that they be judged solely on the basis of the most polished and focus-group-tested of their turds.

This is a party that has come out and admitted that they sought to spin racism into electoral gold.

Democrats, too, have of course made dishonest arguments at some point in the past few decades.  But we’re not living in an era in which Democrats have driven the country into debt, led the country into an incompetently prosecuted war based on arguments that all turned out to be false, dismissed the rule of law as inconvenient during a permanent war, and lightly thrown away America’s moral authority— all the while claiming to be favoring a bringing foreign policy, the rule of law, and a humble foreign policy to the White House.

Sometimes, political movements should be judged by their actions.


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