Andrew Sullivan’s Trilateral Commission, Gold Standard, and Vince Foster Murder, Rolled into One

Sullivan on Gore’s possible endorsement of Obama:

I think Gore realizes that Obama is the only candidate who can break out of the brutal, polarizing, calculating, post-Vietnam syndrome and actually talk to all the country in clear ways about what practically we need to do at home and in the world. Gore would instantly erase the inexperience question over Obama; Obama would instantly erase the stylistic drawbacks of the Gore persona. The three big issues for me in this election are the war, the Constitution, and the environment. A Gore-Obama combo would be extremely hard to beat if those are your concerns.

Gore, moreover, knows what the Clintons would take us back to perhaps better than anyone else. He knows the paranoia of their operation, the Cheney-like secrecy they crave, the pathologies within our political culture they would instantly reignite, the danger that they will breathe new life into a hopefully dying Christianist movement. But the Clinton machine is in full throttle. If Gore wants to help provide an alternative, he needs to intervene before Iowa. He needs to endorse Obama. For the sake of his country.

This is how he earns the sobriquet “excitable.”

God forbid he surmise that Obama and Gore share some policy concerns.

No, this, like everything else, is just one more bit of evidence that Hillary Clinton has evil cooties, and that Christianists deserve condescension regarding their dislike of Hillary.

Sullivan’s baseless, consuming hatred for the Clintons is going to render him not worth reading for the rest of the campaign.

And it’s evidence of his eagerness to engage in caricature that make some people refrain from reading him at any time.


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