Of Planks and Eyes

This conversation, in which conservative apostate Rod Dreher calls upon people of the left to repudiate the excesses of our extreme fellow travelers, is pretty much a waste of time.

The people who 85 percent of us on the left think are foolish or obnoxious, like Ward Churchill or Cindy Sheehan, couldn’t meet with a prominent Democratic politician if their lives depended on it.  But the perpetually outraged right locks onto them and turns them into stars.

The silly Last Supper stunt that has Rod so peeved, like the stupid MoveOn ad (the latter of which I unreservedly condemn, as did a Democratic-held Congress, but I might send them $50 anyway because I don’t like Congress condemning political speech), is like crack cocaine for Rightists whose entire worldview depends solely and exclusively on identifying enemies about whom to work themselves into a righteous, hate-tinged lather.

Meanwhile, loons of the right, like Norman Podhoretz, who advocates unrelenting militarism with zero regard for costs or benefits, and therefore for morality, get to meet with the president of the gosh-darn United States to talk about the importance of indifference to the lives of foreigners.  Michael Ledeen, who wrote of the potential need to attack a Western Europe that may have masterminded Islamic terrorism against the US as the Iraq invasion was getting started, has been deeply involved in planning and strategy for the Bush administration.

So this pro forma outrage is rather difficult to take seriously.


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