Shape of Earth: Views Differ

An embarrassing AP article on the SCHIP program reports from a parallel universe where there is a partisan debate on the issue.

“Bush, Democrats Duel on Children’s Insurance,” goes the headline in the Post.  “President Bush again called Democrats ‘irresponsible’ yesterday for pushing an expansion he opposes to a children’s health insurance program,” reads the first paragraph, followed by another similar paragraph quoting from Bush’s radio address.

Down in the sixth and seventh paragraphs, the writer, Jennifer Loven, notes that it was a bipartisan group of lawmakers who passed the bill, and that it has “substantial Republican support.”

No quotes from Republicans who support the bill, just “Bush says x” and “Democrats say y.”

Reporting would require obtaining and publishing a quote like this:  “The president has been served wrong information about what our bill will do. There’s nothing in our bill that would do [what the president said it would]. His understanding of the bill was wrong.”

That’s Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, evidently in the grips of some kind of partisan fervor.

As to the mention of “substantial” GOP support, maybe the fact that the threatened veto “sets up the possibility of the first successful veto override vote of the Bush administration, given the program’s political popularity on both sides of the aisle” would be worth mentioning.

I don’t know anything about this reporter, but this article is plus-ungood at best.


One Response to “Shape of Earth: Views Differ”

  1. Joe Klein's conscience Says:

    I see you frequent Swampland. Did you expect anything less from the traditional media in their S-CHIP reporting? They are a joke.

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