Religious Freedom in the Military

Linda points out this diary, by a fellow who’s spent a lot of time on the issues of religious freedom in the military.

Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a very serious person on this issue, is assisting in a lawsuit in Kansas.

Real life calls, unfortunately, so I can’t parse through it all right now, but it sure seems like there’s some folks who are a bit overeager on this issue in positions of power in the military.


One Response to “Religious Freedom in the Military”

  1. linda Says:

    Elvis, glad you found that diary fascinating. Here’s some more that is related.

    with a link to more from ‘troutfishing’

    A little sidebar: Dobson is questioning Funky Frederick of Follywood’s ‘faith’ while McCave came out of the closet as being Baptist and stating to a religious group that he was ‘doing God’s work in the Devil’s City’. [ivb who is a ‘reliable’ commenter posted that McCave God’s work quote from an NPR interview. Sorry, I have no links to it]

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