False Equivalence

Andrew Sullivan errantly compares the Democratic Party to the GOP because MoveOn.org has been able to raise $500,000 in the wake of the “Betrayus” ad flap.

First off, he calls the ad “Coulteresque,” which is an exaggeration.  MoveOn.org used the term in a hypothetical question, in an ad that raised substantive questions about the general’s presentation.  Coulter doesn’t do nuance, nor facts.

But more importantly, MoveOn.org is distant from the Democratic Party.  Coulter pals around with presidential candidates.  A Democratic Senate just passed an anti-MoveOn sense of the Senate resolution, for gosh sakes.

“[W]hen you consider the prospect of a Clinton-Giuliani race next year, you know that in wartime, the major parties will be far more interested in tearing this country apart for their own Rovian purposes than in uniting us against a deadly and increasingly successful foe,” he writes.  But the Democrats don’t have a Rove, and don’t have a record of Atwater-Rovianism.

I’m on record as thinking the ad was obnoxious and stupid, but there’s just no comparing this one bad pun to the GOP base, who are gearing themselves up for a Weimar narrative.


One Response to “False Equivalence”

  1. Ivy B Says:


    Elvis, interesting comparison between Colin Powell and his speech at the UN to Petraeus.

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