You Forgot Poland

Andrew Sullivan:

“He always understood what he knew and what he didn’t know,” – Alan Greenspan in describing Gerald Ford as th best president he worked with.

“The defining characteristic of the conservative is that he knows what he doesn’t know,” – my attempt at a definition of the best kind of conservatism in “The Conservative Soul.”

I’m not a conservative, but I admit that I don’t know if this is Andrew’s best choice as a standard-bearer, for conservatism or for political popularity…


One Response to “You Forgot Poland”

  1. linda Says:

    Elvis: Is this guy credible? [I don’t doubt the premise of the ‘Rapturists’ in the Military. It is not really a ‘new discussion’. But, but, but??? The comment from the Ranger’s wife I am SURE is very believable and given the many Bush statements… But, a vast conspiracy??? or is it just that the atmosphere is conducive? The Evangelizing is bad enough in the civilian work place.]

    MRFF lawsuit by troutfishing

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