No Peace I Find

[slightly augmented version of a comment at Swampland]

Joe Klein points out, in a post called “Georgia, Georgia,” that Gen. Petraeus testified this week that Georgia (Shevardnadze Georgia, not Ty Cobb Georgia) was going to be patrolling the border between Iraq and Iran, but in reality, Georgia is pulling out.

Earlier, TPM fact checked the president’s absurd lie in his prime time speech that there are 36 countries with “troops on the ground in Iraq.”

It has been clear for some time that Gen. Petraeus is reading from the same script as the White House.  And the numbers in his presentation are, um, tough to substantiate independently.

Colin Powell’s presentation has been discredited over time.

Alan Greenspan is putting out a book, six years late and a trillion dollars short, noting that the GOP economic program might not have been the awesomest lately.

At the time, though, they were both Too Serious to engage in criticism, or— perish the thought— be criticized.

Maybe folks in the media, particularly pseudo-liberal pundits, would look really smart down the line if they wrote very critical articles about Gen. Petraeus, and the president, instead of declaring that “the President has won this round.”


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