The War on Common Sense

Some folks are writing that “[i]t seems clear the President has won this round,” and others are twisting the words of Sen. Obama to make it look as though he thinks it’s hopeless for Congress to try to change our policy.

But the actual moderate Republicans who some say are the target audience for the president’s PR surge don’t seem to be buying the happy talk.

I think that the target audience for the PR surge includes the media and Democrats— trying to make the media declare that resistance is futile, and to make Democrats fear the developing dolschetosse narrative (the “Weimar moment,” as George Will put it).

If the media reports what the president said in January vs. what he says now, and reports about the controversy surrounding Gen. Petraeus’ charts, then we get closer to common sense and a sane, widely supported foreign policy.  If they report about the MoveOn ad and, in the face of all reason and polling data, announce that the president is winning, then we’re more likely to lose a few thousand more American lives for no evident purpose.


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