Through a Prism Darkly

Our actions around the Horn of Africa might not have been too beneficial to anyone. (Via)

I’m pretty sure we just need to show more grit and resolve and will.

It seems to me that the GOP is using the threat of terrorism to reenact the worst of our actions during the Cold War. Our support of our allied democracies was a moral and strategically sound policy. Our intervention to benefit horrible, human-rights-violating, right-wing dictatorships against left-wing dictatorships does not redound to our credit.

It just might be not every third world conflict involves “freedom fighters” that we need to support.

The experience of South Korea and Taiwan weakens that argument. We got involved, to one extent or another, in their civil wars, to protect dictatorships. Eventually, they democratized, in part due to US pressure. And I certainly would rather have been born in Taiwan or South Korea in 1955 than China or North Korea. Obviously every conflict has its unique attributes.

It’s just dangerous to orient your every action around an enemy that you fear to be omnipotent. Especially given that al Qaeda is no more likely than the USSR to invade the United States. Let’s show a little backbone, show a little faith in democracy and capitalism, and not view the entire world through the prism of the omnipotent, pan-Muslim enemy of right-wing imaginings.


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