Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Abigail Thernstrom wrote a relatively unobjectionable column a week ago about the Duke lacrosse case. The accusations were false, the students were completely exonerated, and all too many commentators were all too willing to leap to conclusions and disregard due process.

Now we know that out-of-control prosecutors will railroad people who are minorities in their jurisdiction in order to curry favor with the majority population. Let’s just file that lesson away in case it ever comes up again.

During the whole affair, New York Times sports columnist Selena Roberts wrote some particularly egregious columns, and was particularly unwilling to acknowledge her errors. One could almost compare her to the TimesJudy Miller.

Except that one of them wrote careless sports page stories contributing to a media frenzy that evaporated, and the other wrote careless front page stories that contributed to a media frenzy that led to a catastrophic war.

Hey, whatever happened to Judy Miller?

On the same day Thernstrom’s column appeared in the Wall Street Journal, her institution announced its hiring of Miller.

LATE ADD: What’s so galling about this column is that Thernstrom complains that “Nifong allies” such as the New York Times, “unlike the district attorney himself–paid no price for their shocking indifference to the truth.”  This is true enough.  Whereas people who lie in the service of starting a war deserve to be hired, apparently.

And Miller paid something of a price, of course, spending time in jail.  But it was to protect Scooter Libby, the Mark Nifong of the federal investigation.  Or maybe Libby was an underling to the Mark Nifong of the Plame outing— but we don’t know because of Libby’s perjury and obstruction of justice.


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