This Is Not Helping

John Cole takes it a bit too far, but even if we have to expect politics to get rough sometimes, the fact of the matter is that the MoveOn “Betray Us?” ad is sophomoric and, worse, counterproductive.

David Brooks compared liberal bloggers to Osama bin Laden the other day, so, what can you do, it’s a rough world out there. It’s annoying, but hey, could’ve been worse, someone could have called me a “bastard brat of a Scottish peddler” or something.

But the shouting heads will cover this crap instead of the actual substantive debate. That debate is over whether Petraeus’s double super secret methodology and numbers are more reliable than every single other organization who’s taken a look at the issue. (Hint: the answer is a common two-letter word ending in “o.”).

Gen. Petraeus can join the club with Tony Blair, Colin Powell, and the American public—- good people who blinded themselves to important facts, failed to ask tough questions, cast their lots with this president, and came out with their reputations sullied.

UPDATE: I was right. Yay for me. Sucks for America.


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