Liberals are more likely to get things right and better at accurately understanding ambiguity.

That’s great, and hooray for getting things right, and all, but this is somewhat dispiriting. I had always thought that if we just get he truth out there, about the negative impact of the Iraq occupation, for example, then people would look at the evidence and realize it’s true.

But the conservative brain just doesn’t care about true and false.

UPDATE: Putting the last few posts together, conservatives feel a deep-seated need to have the world divided into Us and Them. After Norman Podhoretz got disinvited from parties he wanted to go to 40 years ago, and ever since has been on a jihad against the extreme left, and therefore became rigidly pro-US intervention everywhere because he knew it would piss Allen Ginsberg off.

In times like these, when our most pressing wounds are self-inflicted, the conservative impulse towards lashing out at foreign enemies, and towards domestic opponents who insist on accurate facts, is devastating for our national security.


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