Surge Kremlinology

Fine reporting in the Post.

It sounds like Gen. Petraeus vs. the world— the Secretary of Defense, war czar, and the Commander of Centcom all think that Iraq isn’t the only important thing going on in the world, while Petraeus has been lobbying for more troops to be devoted to his surge.

Also, the article exposes the ramshackle nature of policymaking in the Bush administration.  The rationale for and substance of the surge change repeatedly.  Rice tells Amb. Crocker to prepare for talks with Iran; he asks her “what about Cheney?”

As ever, the political message management by the White House, and Gen. Petraeus, was the one first-rate aspect of the whole operation.


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  1. James, Los Angeles Says:

    Hey Elvis! You got a link from WaPo! On who’s blogging.

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