Up Is Down, Unless I Want Up to Be Up That Day

Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired):

If someone suggests that we repeal Mr. Bush’s tax breaks for the wealthy, Mr. Bush and his liegemen don’t refer to that as returning taxes to their former levels, they call it a “tax increase.” When U.S. commander in Iraq David Petraeus suggests that we return to our pre-surge troop levels, however, they refer to with terms like “troop reduction.”

The whole thing (and the whole blog) are very much worth reading.

The surge has succeeded in almost achieving almost none of its benchmarks; so we’ll stay in Iraq a little longer just in case something magic happens.  It’s almost as if the surge was an entirely political gambit designed to punt the decision to withdraw to the next president.


2 Responses to “Up Is Down, Unless I Want Up to Be Up That Day”

  1. linda Says:

    Elvis a heads up here: Edwards introduces a radically new plan for the world to fight terrorism.
    you’ll have to scroll down to find the ‘Edwards’ part.

    and Late today Hil on the Hill calling for ‘teeth’:

  2. elviselvisberg Says:

    Thanks for the links, Linda, I’ll have to read a bit more about Edwards’ speech. Looks like a good one, at a glance.

    And wow, is CNN awful.

    When you read the things they say on the air, stripped of their reassuring and confident tones, you really see just how vapid their framing is. God forbid they ever talk about what everyone who has ever studied terrorism and the Middle East thinks about anything. No, just “Edwards says we should cooperate with other countries to prevent terror; but Giuliani says the recent arrests prove that we should invade Germany. We’ll be back with Democrat and Republican know-nothing talking heads shouting at each other after these messages.”

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