He Also Built My Hot Rod

Ex-Bush advisor David Kuo points out:

Moral and spiritual humility is a grand virtue, especially for a Christian president in the midst of a disastrous war that has cost thousands of American lives and scores of thousands of Iraqi lives; a sloppily run war with countless more people wounded and more than two million Iraqi refugees. The words “kicking ass” are two of the more inappropriate words he could have uttered.

That is because Jesus, to President Bush, is not a moral teacher and a savior, but a touchstone.  Jesus is his mascot.

The president’s characteristic unwarranted self-confidence applies, by all appearances, to his religious life as well.  There’s never a need to challenge his assumptions, because he has Jesus the mascot on his side.  He mistakes his thoughts for God whispering to him.

Is there any evidence that the president gives any thought to the least among us?  His AIDS initiative in Africa is just about the only example I can think of— a very important one, but an aberration, not part of any pattern.


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