At Least People Are Frightened— That Means Less Informed Votes, and that Means More Republicans

Former Sen. Rick Santorum:

The good news — from a new Public Opinion Strategies poll — is that despite a political environment that is extremely hostile to President Bush and his foreign policy, a plurality of Americans believe the threat from Islamic fundamentalism is greater than Soviet Communism was in the 1960s, and than Nazism was in the 1930s. … Americans are generally unaware of the strategic partnerships being developed between radical Islamic regimes and governments in Latin America — particularly, Venezuela’s.

Needless, to say, he then recommends that the GOP try to send the populace into a panic.

Santorum is part of the crowd that minimizes the number of deaths in Iraq, comparing American deaths to, say, highway fatalities.  But in Bin Laden’s most terrible, unforgivable, shocking attack, he killed fewer Americans than have died in Iraq.   No rational human being can claim that Bin Laden is a worse threat than the armies of Hitler, or the nuclear-armed Soviet Union.

That doesn’t mean that Bin Laden anything to sneeze at.  But let’s be serious for one second here.   Bin Laden is not a worse threat than Stalin.  And he’s not forming some kind of superalliance with Venezuela, either.


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