NPR Is Not Dorky Enough for Me

Twice, the newsreader on WBUR this morning said something very close to, “In sports, a no-hitter at Fenway Park last night; the Sox are holding onto a 5-game lead in their division.” Not only no mention of which pitcher threw the no-hitter, but no mention of which team won the game.

Another time, she said, “In sports, the Red Sox won a no-hitter last night.” Well, at least now we know the outcome of the game. She also claimed that BC beat Wake Forest “28-38.”

This is all stuff designed to make me flip out. If she could have verbally misused an apostrophe in the word “its,” she would have.

But hey, how about Clay Buchholz? His no-hitter was no accident. He has a very good fastball, a devastating change, and a pretty good curve. You throw 95 and change speeds well, you’re going to get some people out.

UPDATE: Got to see the NESN rebroadcast of the game.  I had heard he had a mid-90s fastball, but he was working in the low 90s, until the 9th, when he hit 94 a few times.  Also, I undersold his curveball.  It is absolutely a plus offering.


2 Responses to “NPR Is Not Dorky Enough for Me”

  1. Ivy B Says:

    Perhaps for a future draft pick I could trade you my WHYY, Philadelphia, news reader for yours. Mine is a biggg Phillies fan, so we get minutes about baseball games and player health status. I am not a baseball fan, so have the opposite reaction to yours. On the other hand, when football season begins (moments from now, as it were) my reader will sound more like yours because she doesn’t care. Is there no happy medium?

    I set my alarm to listen to Only A Game on Saturday morning to hear the real NPR sports dork — and the nearly perfect Charlie Pierce.

  2. elviselvisberg Says:

    Pierce is one of my favorite Wait Wait panelists.

    And I will make that trade! All I want is for the newsreader to say things that make sense, and convey a reasonable amount of information in a sentence or two.

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