Iran War Rumors Hit Big Time…

… earn their own Elvisberg post.

As noted below, there are rumors that the administration has instructed its affiliated think tanks to start talking up war with Iran. There are also rumors that the plans are already in action.

Meanwhile, there are war games going on at the Heritage Foundation. Not just the usual GI Joe versions, either, but war games about attacking Iran, with results that shockingly match with Heritage Foundation policy preferences.

What happens when somewhat more impartial experts work on this issue?

War games of an attack on Iran in 2004 led the person who supervised them, retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner to remark, “After all this effort, I am left with two simple sentences for policymakers: You have no military solution for the issues of Iran. And you have to make diplomacy work.”

And in 2002, Pentagon war gaming of an attack on Iran resulted in a massive defeat for the US… until the game’s referees changed the rules to make the US’s win inevitable (a terrific discussion between a critical reporter and then-Rumsfeld spokesman Larry Di Rita follows in that link).

Yet again, the administration seeks out pliant, ideologically blinkered yes-men who will tell them only what they want to hear. Once again, we will go to war, if indeed we do, armed not with plans, but with hopes and best-case scenarios. It’ll be a cakewalk, cost nothing, last a couple months tops, and we will be greeted as liberators. Unintended consequences? Why bother to worry about those?

UPDATE (thanks to Linda at Swampland): Good news from Kosville— the Diary that described carriers bound for Iraq and military folks leaving rather that being associated with it, appears to be false. The rumor from Juan Cole and Barnett Rubin, that the exciting new improved product of “War— Now with Iran!” is to be rolled out in the coming days, remains undebunked.

As to the meta-issue, this was a rumor that spread quickly, then was debunked quickly. That’s not so bad, and in fact, by shortening the rumor’s life, blogworld does better than meatspace (note that the concept of rumors predates the Internet). There is the eternal problem of pseudonymity— the guy responsible could post tomorrow as Jesus H. Christ and no one would be the wiser. But let’s not get overheated about it. Just as the advent of home electricity led to electrical fires, the good things about exchanging news and views via the Internets is still Good.

As to the me-issue, I noted that while it was “plausible,” “one Kos diary does not a confirmed story make,” and called it a “rumor” in this post. My reputation is preserved. Rejoice!


One Response to “Iran War Rumors Hit Big Time…”

  1. Ivy B Says:

    Elvis, thanks for these posts. I’m VERY concerned about Iran.

    See post by Will Bunch — can’t find permalink, At the moment, it is second post with picture of Tehran.

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