Extremism in the Defense of the Imaginary (Is a Vice)

Josh Marshall has long maintained that the Bush administration’s interests do not match up with the country’s interests.

AIPAC lobbied hard to kill a proposal in Congress to require the administration to seek authorization before attacking Iran. And now, there are reports that the administration has given “instructions” to GOP-subsidiary think tanks to roll out a pro-Iran-war set of talking points after Labor Day.

AIPAC is also at the center of an espionage scandal that, like other espionage scandals, tends to get lost among all the Bush administration’s moral failings.

The president’s apparent interest in vindication from future far-right wing historians, of course, may as well be a hope to win approval from Harvey the six-foot-tall rabbit or the Twelfth Imam. It’s 100% in his own head, and has nothing to do with anything that’s actually happening in the real world.

The efforts of AIPAC are similarly geared at the defense of the imaginary. The far-right version of being “pro-Israeli” by supporting wars is almost uniquely American. When Israel counterproductively invaded Lebanon last summer, support in Israel evaporated quickly. Israelis realized that the invasion was harming the country’s security. But the conservative press in the US maintained its support, because conservatives in the US are much more preoccupied with praising themselves for their grit and will than considering the likely costs and benefits of warfare.

UPDATE: Speaking of diverging interests, the Petraeus ’12 campaign doesn’t seem to have much in common with America’s interests, or to be too scrupulous about making sure we get unvarnished truth about events in Iraq. Dereliction of duty?

UPDATE II: George Packer flags this story, and ends it with this comment: “Barnett Rubin just called me. His source spoke with a neocon think-tanker who corroborated the story of the propaganda campaign and had this to say about it: ‘I am a Republican. I am a conservative. But I’m not a raging lunatic. This is lunatic.'” A necessary caveat, these days.

UPDATE III: More rumors.   It’s plausible that this planning is taking place, and that the military is none too pleased.  But one Kos diary does not a confirmed story make.  Where is the traditional media?


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