hoping to be provocative and stir some debate

Jamie Kirchick, who is believed to support the murder of every firstborn Muslim child, is said by some to have willed himself into homosexuality in an attempt to gain the attention of Norman Podhoretz.

Non-Kirchick blogging soon to follow.

UPDATE:  He responds to hilzoy.  Because none of the Democratic candidates went to the DLC meeting, he explains, they are indifferent to genocide. No other evidence necessary.  Well, that’s one argument that a person could make, I suppose.

As to his accusations that the left is too preoccupied with President Bush’s mistakes, it’s not that Democrats think that Bush is a worse human being than bin Laden or Jeffrey Dahmer.  But fortunately, we have the ability to urge our government to do things that have positive results.  That’s what criticism of the president is about.  Neoconservatives like Kirchick need to learn that foreign policy is not limited to self-glorifying moral condemnations and bombings.

Results matter.  Reality matters.


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