Actions Matter More than Words

Publius doesn’t much care for Sen. Warner.

The problem is the pretense that the Sunday morning preening matters more than the actual vote. For this reason, Warner is far more harmful than Inhofe. With Inhofe, you know what you’re getting: a man who supports torture, supports what we did in Abu Ghraib, and who will never vote to withdraw troops from Iraq. If you go by actions rather than words, Warner’s record is identical to Inhofe’s. But unlike Inhofe, Warner gets glowing headlines proclaiming his “Immunity from Politics.”

And that’s the crux of it – to the uninformed, Warner creates the illusion that centrist elected Republicans exist at the congressional level. His high-profile Brow-Furrowing creates the illusion that the party is far more moderate than it is. His furrowing thus prevents public and political accountability by masking the true position of his party on these issues.

Exactly right.  The bizarre idea that the far left is emboldened in the Democratic Party, while the Republican Party fights to impose sanity, must have made some sort of sense in 1977 or whenever people first hit upon it.  But it has nothing to do with the way the world is today.  The GOP is a radical party.  The views they advocate, surreptitiously, are like the views of those who one Republican once assessed thusly: “[t]heir numbers are negligible, and they are stupid.”


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