What Color Is the Sky in Kirchick-World?

Fact-averse straw-man generator Jamie Kirchick plaintively wonders where the “anti-totalitarian left” has gone.

No serious person can maintain that any substantial proportion of the Democratic Party views America as “unredeemable,” as Kirchick claims. Or that President Clinton’s foreign policy was indifferent to totalitarian aggression. As is required when someone makes this false argument, Kirchick cites the silly PR stunt called the Euston Manifesto.

It’s truly bizarre to see pro-war writers such as Charles Krauthammer, who don’t really believe in anything beyond smashing foreigners’ heads, able to use these sorts of people as cover for their war without end.

Attention Jamie: Some actions have unintended consequences. War is not much fun and tends to produce extreme unintended consequences. Support for human rights and democratic development, if it is to be effective, cannot prioritize invading countries that pose little or no threat to us, then occupying them indefinitely without any plan, tends not to work well.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s advisors include Samantha Power, who wrote the book on the genocide in Rwanda. There is simply zero evidence, from the words or actions of any political leaders, that the leftmost political party in the US is going to retreat from internationalism. Kirchick, of course, cites no such evidence, preferring to cite other like-minded commentators.


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