Abusing My Religion

Glenn Greenwald, citing Ross Douthat, attributes the conservative right’s excoriation of Sen. Craig, which stands in stark contrast to its patient tolerance of Sen. Vitter’s peccadilloes, to the fact that the “only kind of ‘morality’ that this movement knows or embraces is politically exploitative, cost-free morality.”

After all, as Douthat and Greenwald point out, divorces and out-of-wedlock births are much more common, and much more damaging to children, than gay couples expressing their commitment through marriage.

Whatever the principles that the conservative movement claims, it is by their fruits that we know them.

(The weird thing is, I didn’t realize that sentence was going to be a double entendre till I was halfway through typing it).

The most transparent example of such a group formed with the intention of exploiting our natural deference to the religious has to be the Catholic League.  It’s a rabidly partisan outfit, replete with Dinesh D’Souzas and their ilk on the Board of Advisors, that should be laughed out of the room.  But they put the word “Catholic” in the title, and it takes us all a little while longer to realize that they’re just like the Washington Times or Sean Hannity, except they’re cynically abusing the name of their religion for political benefit.


2 Responses to “Abusing My Religion”

  1. Ivy B Says:

    I thought this Greenwald column, even more than most of his, was terrific. I am so sick of all the fuss about Family Values when they talk only about gays. The Family Values with which I was raised were to respect others, tell the truth, help those less fortunate and maintain your own integrity. We need to go back to emphasizing values like that.

  2. elviselvisberg Says:

    Agreed. It’s sad to see bedrock ideals and concepts like “democracy” and “values” being tarnished by this crowd.

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