Giuliani and the Second Tragedy of 9/11

The internets are abuzz with discussion of this article, which meticulously eviscerates Rudy Giuliani’s claims to have any successful experience in combating terrorism.

Prior to his presidential campaign, it never seemed to me to be a great use of time to question Giuliani’s decisions and leadership leading up to 9/11.  Even his detractors found him to be a dignified presence after the attacks, and it seemed churlish and irrelevant to tarnish his image.

But that’s all changed now.  He’s running for president on the sole grounds that he was mayor when New York was attacked.  Terrorism is all that he knows how to talk about in this campaign, regardless of the question asked or the topic he’s supposed to address.

And he has no expertise, and no plan, other than a vague eagerness to “stay on offense” against terrorism.

Giuliani has become a co-conspirator in furthering the second tragedy of 9/11.  That  shattering national tragedy brought us together, and left us hell bent to track down its architect, Osama bin Laden.  But that’s mostly forgotten, now.  As a second insult to he memory of those killed on 9/11, it is now invoked to support any unrelated, counterproductive action.  Giuliani is an active part of the effort to twist the meaning of 9/11 into a touchstone akin to the Reischstag Fire.


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